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This is what we recycle, and we do it the best in Vancouver:

Scrap Metal Removal

Scrap Metal Removal DR-METAL Removes all types of scrap metal such as scrap cars, fridges, freezers, big or small appliances, hot water tanks, and we ensure the highest efforts to recycle responsibly. Our efficient planning today allows us to anticipate your recycling needs for the future. Rapid, regular, and reliable service means a prompt return on your investment.

Appliance Removal

Do you need to remove and recycle old appliances? 1-844-DR-METAL will remove any old appliance from anywhere in Greater Vancouver. We work with RCBC and BC Hydro to remove your old appliances for the best possible price!

On-site Trailer Rental

Simple metal recycling: We bring a trailer when you call, you fill it and let us know when you want it gone, we come within 24 hours and get it out of your way! All at an extremely affordable price, contact us now.

How it works

DR METAL will pick up all metals and on terms that work best for you or your company. We recycle 100% of what we pick up from you!

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About Dr. Metal: Vancouver's Best Metal Recycler
“Recycle To Live Another Day”

1-844-DR-METAL was founded in 2014 in order to fill the need of the growing metal recycling problems. 
We recognize the great value in the recycling of increasingly scarce resources like metals. Our founding principles of the business are the reduction of needless waste and the preservation of natural resources.

  • Our Vision: Recycle to LIve Another Day

    We believe in educating people about ways to recycle and properly dispose of unwanted consumer goods. With this fundamental belief in mind, We are a local company with a goal to provide excellent service so that our clients will contact us for future projects and refer us to friends and family.


    Customer service is our top priority; We cater to the needs of our customers in order to create the attentive personal service they deserve.


    Our focus is to recycle the metals of today and tomorrow in the most efficient and environmental manner possible. Regardless of the size, shape, composition, and processing requirements, we ensure the highest quality standards in our operations.


    Our mission is to ensure scrap metal recycling productivity while striving to ensure that our integrity as an organization is in line with our environmentally sustaining business practices.
 At DR-METAL we believe that together we can make a difference for future generations by focusing on responsible recycling practices today and teaching others to do so as well.



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